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Re: [IPk] Which Hospital do I use?

On Wednesday 06 March 2002 09:57, you wrote:
> I spoke to the Manchester  Diabetic Centre, and was told that most of the
> patients
> that are using insulin pumps are self financed by themselves. Even if they
> can get funding for some of their patients it would not be fair to supply
> out of area patients when some of their own need funding.
> Manchester Diabetic Centre are doing a study with people who suffer from
> Neuropathy, where they put you on a pump for 4 months to see if they
> benefit from it.
> I have to get my consultant to write and agree with the study, to go on it,
> which I think is promising.
> Colin Prior

Hi Colin
I used to attend Manchester Diabetes Center when I lived in Manchester, which 
is where I started on the pump. The financial situation was pretty much the 
same then, except that they had fewer patients on the pump so it was easier 
for them to provide funding (which they did out of their own money, not out 
of the LHA money - although it all comes from the same place at the end of 
the day). 
Anyway, which hospital are you currently based at and where do you live?
Why can you not ask your consultant to put you on the pump, rather than 
having to go via the MDC? Or is it just because he's unfamiliar with pumps?
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