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Re: [IPk] Re: Adiport

>(who sometimes thinks 'how long have I had this in???', looks at the
>insulin left, and thinks 'oh, must have changed it yesterday, so need to
>change it tomorrow'; dm 30+, 508 9months+)

I change my Tender every 2 days - and I refill my cartridge every 8 or 9
days (300 units - 30 units a day). So infusion set and cartridge changes
are for me seperate activities.

Having said that, I had a minor boo-boo yesterday...

I woke up in the morning, checked my bg, took a small correction bolus.
Then I got up, got dressed, had a light breakfast (cornflakes + coffee),
bolussed, and got on with the day. 2 hours later I checked my bg and it was
11.3. That's not horribly high, but it's higher than I was expecting, since
I'd generously bolussed at breakfast, and my infusion set had been changed
only 12 hours earlier. I thought of doing a quick correction bolus, but I'm
trying to cut down on these (I tend to do it just as an earlier bolus is
cutting in, causing my bg to crash an hour later). I checked my infusion
set to see everything was ok - doh!!! - the tubing wasn't connected! When
I'd got dressed I'd forgotten to reconnect: it was lying loose in my
trouser pocket with my pump. My breakfast insulin had happily gone down my
trouser leg. Problem solved :o/

Anyone else make stupid mistakes like this? I seem to forget to reconnect
about once a year at the moment.


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