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RE: [IPk] Re: Adiport

Hi Tony

I think I can add to this, having seen it at professional 
> meetings. It is
> implanted permanently into the skin, so the pump can be
connected by
> twisting the end of the infusion set into the port. The
> end of it is
> not in the liver, it's lying inside the abdominal cavity 
> along with the
> bowel. This area (the peritoneum) is safer as there is very

> little infection
> risk and it won't bleed. Still, infection is possibly a
> risk, and
> would be peritonitis, ie like when your appendix bursts!
> not an option
> offered to many, but would be an alternative for someone
> has frequent
> and terrible skin reactions (come to think of it, that's
most of us!)

I looked at this on the website after John had described it
and I thought it looked great (apart from the torque wrench
which appeared in the insertion kit and made me feel a little
queasy).  My problem is that I forget to change the site.  I
now change my set every Thursday and Sunday in a bid to
ensure I remember to do it (but I woke up at 3am this morning
and remembered that it was Tuesday morning and I had not
changed it - hence a red rash!).

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