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Re: [IPk] Re: Adiport

> I think there was a misspelling... Disetronic have a product called
> Diaport. It's like a permanent infusionset that delivers the insulin
> directly to the liver. See the Disetronic website
> click on English, and then Products and Therapies. You'll see Diaport
> listed.
> As far as I know, it's still an experimental treatment. I have a friend of
> friend in Germany who tried it and found it amazing.

I think I can add to this, having seen it at professional meetings. It is
implanted permanently into the skin, so the pump can be connected by
twisting the end of the infusion set into the port. The other end of it is
not in the liver, it's lying inside the abdominal cavity along with the
bowel. This area (the peritoneum) is safer as there is very little infection
risk and it won't bleed. Still, infection is possibly a small risk, and
would be peritonitis, ie like when your appendix bursts! It's not an option
offered to many, but would be an alternative for someone who has frequent
and terrible skin reactions (come to think of it, that's most of us!)

Tony O'Sullivan
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