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Re: [IPk] Think I'm Getting It

> Thanks for all of your replies for "Advice Needed"  I took the
> advice of the lady who is on fewer basal changes and am now working
> A lot of work to go yet, but I can see progress and it's all thanks
> to the people on here who are so willing to share their expereiences
> and give advice.
> I will say that even though my bg's have been awkward, I have never
> felt better since going on the pump a month ago.

You might find the simulator tool on the HOWTO page helpful for 
giving you a feel for what changes to your basal rate might do to 
bg's -- sorry, the bg values are in US units so you will have to 
multiply by 18 to use the tool. The notes I've received from the tool 
users say it helps them quite a bit.


"Insulin Pumper's Basal Rate Estimator"

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