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[IPk] Think I'm Getting It

Thanks for all of your replies for "Advice Needed"  I took the advice of the lady who is on fewer basal changes and am now working on 0.8 units from 6pm to 4am 1.3 units from 5am to 5pm with an increase to 1.5 at 6am to cope with this "dawn thing"  I woke this morning with 3.7bg so it may need to come down a little during the night.  For meals I am taking a new bolus of 2 units to 15g carb.  I am doing my blood hourly and during the day today it has averaged at 7.8 with a peak to 9.7 but that was shortly after eating.  Last night I had a 140 carb meal. Consisting of slow acting foods I bolused 8 units and tried an extended bolus of 10 units over 2.5 hours after this my blood was 7.8.  It did rise about an hour after the meal to 11.7.

A lot of work to go yet, but I can see progress and it's all thanks to the people on here who are so willing to share their expereiences and give advice.

I will say that even though my bg's have been awkward, I have never felt better since going on the pump a month ago.

Thanks again

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