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RE: [IPk] finally got my 508!

> I think that _is_ odd, especially as you bought that pump yourself!  What,
> are they afraid that you might use the two pumps at once and thereby give
> yourself double insulin?

The nurse is a bit of a stickler for rules (which dont necessarily make sense).
For example, she wanted me to go through the whole pump training programme
just to change pumps. So she's probably following the standard protocol -
since they loan pumps rather than giving them to you, if you get a new pump
under their scheme you'd have to give the old one back. I did tell her I'd
bought the pump myself, but I didn't want to argue too much as I didn't want
to sound ungrateful.

 > But, CONGRATULATIONS!  Is the back light any help? If
you're really set on > having a teal pump, we could do a swap the next time we
see each other! 

They even note down the serial number when you sign the loan form, so you can't
go swapping it for a different one!
Actually I don't mind the black one at all.
Two things I've noticed about the 508 which are a definite bonus - you can feel
when you've pressed a button - unlike on the 506 when you can't - ie the
buttons are raised as opposed to flat. Anyone remember the ZX81 computer? Same
prinicple as the 506- you could never tell if you'd actually pressed a key
properly or not. Second thing is that the button presses are much faster - if
you hold down the button, it whizzes along - which is great when you're
setting a bolus of say, 5 units - you don't have to wait half an hour while it
counts up to 5!
I shall test out the backlight properly when it's dark! The audio bolus is
great though - and jsut the design of the buttons makes it much easier to tell
how what bolus you're giving.
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