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[IPk] finally got my 508!

Hurrah - I was finally allowed to pick up my new 508 this morning!
It's black, which is a definite improvement on the grey 506, though I still
think a "teal" one would have been nice :-)
 For some strange reason they had
to have it tested by their technical people at the hospital before they'd give
it to me (like, it hasn't been tested enough times by Minimed?).
The only thing I find slightly disconcerting is that the hospital will only
loan it to me (fair enough), but they demanded my old 506 back before they'd
let me have it, even though the 506 was never theirs in the first place. I
don't mind donating my 506 to them, as I was going to donate it to them
(or someone else) anyway, but since the 508 is only on loan, they could ask for
it back any time they wanted and leave me with nothing. or if, say, I move to
another hospital where they won't give me a pump, I can't get my old 506 back
(which is still better than nothing). Does anyone else think this is a bit odd?
Still, I'm not really complaining, cos I'm very happy that they've got me a
pump , and that I now have a remote to play with too!
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