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Re: [IPk] Re: 24 hour sensor

I was given a 24hr sensor prioe to pump therapy and I would say to anyone
MAKE SURE IT STAYS CONNECTED mine disconnected and I phined for advice
and reconnected it however i was not told that it had to be really
coonected very tightly so a lot of the data was lost, I never saw the
results they had I was just told they were high, I may be going on a
trial of a different one in april so it will be interesting to see the
difference carm

>From: Nanette Chana Freedman <email @ redacted> >Reply-To:
email @ redacted >To: email @ redacted >Subject: [IPk]
Re: 24 hour sensor >Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 23:14:22 -0800 (PST) > >Date:
Tue, 20 Mar 2001 14:55:48 +0000 >From: Diana Maynard
<email @ redacted> >Subject: [IPk] good news from the clinic > >
> > I asked if I could > >go on the Minimed 24 hour sensor, and my
consultant said they're doing > >some > >trials with it at the moment and
she'd pass my name on to the person >who was in > >charge. I'm really
looking forward to doing that (well, not actually >wearing > >the thing,
but seeing the results!). > >I have just done a second 3-day test of this
continuous glucose sensor, >this time as part of a little trial where
people were asked to wear two >sensors to check that they agreed. I was
able to get the full data >output (as an excel file) from the device both
times. I work at the >hospital and have also seen some other people's
traces from the sensor, >and discussed it with my endocrinologist.
Although they are improving >the device all the time, and using it was
not uninformative for me (the >second test shows that the suggestion
based on the first test to give >pre-meal boluses earlier has indeed
helped to reduce post-meal BG >peaks, but on the negative side,
monitoring of possible nighttime lows, >which were one of the big
concerns which motivated me to try the >sensor, was a less clear issue),
I concluded that there are very good >reasons why they are still doing
trials rather than releasing the >device as a finished product. Don't
expect miracles (or ultimate >reliability!) from the sensor at this
stage. >If you'd like more details of my experience, feel free to email
me off >the list. >Nanette >
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