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[IPk] good news from the clinic

Just back from my 6 monthly checkup at the diabetes clinic.

Last HbA1c (6 months ago) was  7.0 (one before that was 6.8) - I#'m farily
happy with that since I remember I'd been ill before that and had a lot of

Microalbumin was down, which means that my kidneys aren't getting worse.

They think they've got a 508 pump for me (actually, it's been sitting in the
hospital for several weeks now, but noone thought to tell me!) Can't pick it up
yet as the nurse who deals with pump stuff isn't there today.

 I asked if I could
go on the Minimed 24 hour sensor, and my consultant said they're doing some
trials with it at the moment and she'd pass my name on to the person who was in
charge. I'm really looking forward to doing that (well, not actually wearing
the thing, but seeing the results!).

My BP was 90/60 (it's usually low, but not usually quite that low).

Oh, and apparently I've lost 3kg since my last visit too.

So, my consultant was very happy, and very impressed with the effect the pump is having on my control.
She's now started a couple of other people on the pump, so she's definitely
becoming a convert!

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