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Re: [IPk] Re: Frustrated and fed-up...

On Tue, 20 Mar 2001, you wrote:
> Hi Di,
> I still haven't sorted the exercise thing yet.  I either go really low, or I 
> finish really high!  It is extremely rare that I am finish anywhere 
> approaching normal. For instance yesterday, before gym I was 11.7, not 
> brilliant, but I knew I wouldn't go low.  I jogged for five kms, and felt 
> completely stuffed when I finished. I tested - BINGO - 19.9!

Hi Ingrid
I can really sympathise. One of my main reasons for going on a pump was that I
simply couldn't exercise wihout my Bgs going ballistic.
ON a pump it's not perfect, but I would say that 80% of the time I can start
with a normal Bg and finish with a normal BG, though I still have problems a
couple of hours after I finish (my Bg often shoots up, but I can't predict when
it will happen). 
For example, I went to my dance class as usual last night until 10pm. FIninshed
with a BG of 7.1. By the time I got home an hour later, it was 9, so I figured
my Bg was on its way up - not unusual. Took a unit of insulin and went to bed. 
Woke up this morning with a BG of 2.1! Obviously my BG had decided not to rise
after all.....

I usually deal with this kind of thing by taking a small amount of insulin
afterwards by default, and then checking  after
another hour to see which way it's going.
There seems to be something peculiar about morning exercise. 
On Saturday mornings I dance from 10am - 12.30pm (plus a 20 minute walk to get
there, and the same coming back).
I can usually get my BG spot on (although sometimes going a little low at about
11am), finish with a perfect Bg of, say, 6, and then it goes ballisticly high
after that, even if I take extra insulin when I finish. I guess it must be
somethign to do with the dawn syndrome. My normal basal rate goes up from 1.0
to 1.2 from 8.30am - 12.00pm to deal with that, but exercising during this time
period seems to knock everything flying.....

Still, at least I have a better tool to deal with it than I did on MDI.
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