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Re: [IPk] Re: Frustrated and fed-up...

  I have the
> same fear of the swimming pool.  I have been trying since the New Year to
> lose weight, and get more exercise in the hope that this will help ease the
> swing in my blood sugars,  so sunday just gone I finally plucked up the
> courage to go swimming for the first time in over a year.  I didn't dare go
> alone so I took my 'carer'.  Hadn't bolosed for over 2 hours, and BS before
> getting in the pool was 16.  Stayed in the pool 40 minutes during which time
> I swam 3 lengths, started to feel funny so got out to do another test and it
> had dropped to 4.1.  Made me very very nervous, to drop so much so quickly,
> had i given it another 10 minutes i would have been mega hypo.

Swimming always makes my BG drop a LOT. If I don't take carbs or stop my
insulin, it will drop about 10 mmol/l  in 20 minutes.
But what were you doingall that time  in the pool if you only swam 3 lenghts in
40 minutes? Was it a very big pool, or was that a typo?
On the pump, I typically stop my insulin about 40 minutes before swimming, make
ssure I haven't bolused for at least 2 hours previously, and take an extra 15g
fast acting carb for a 30 minute swim (assuming my Bgs are normal). if my Bgs
are high (above 10), I don't swim, because either I have to take insulin to
bring them down, which then makes me go hypo, or they rise even higher if I
don't, and it's just easier not to bother than to mess around.

> I try really hard to get good control, as I would like nothing better than
> to stop the continual swing between hypo and hyper, but however hard I try
> it doesn't seem to work.  Maybe I'm just no good at being a diabetic???

It's more likely you haven't got the right tools to help you....
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