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Re: [IPk] Scuba diving

> Ingrid
> For information, in general DM doesn't preclude you from scuba
> diving but you will need to get medical clearance, and there are
> only a handful of GPs either able or interested enough to provide
> the examination necessary.  Your local diving club should be able to
> provide details of GPs in your area.

Dive clubs in general will not have any info. More below.

>  I think
> you may find you're restricted to a certain depth once you start
> training, not sure if that's so.  In addition to this, at the time I
> was on MDI, you'd  need to check with your pump manufacturer to see
> whether they feel it's safe from a pump-safety point of view.

My daughter is a certified SCUBA diver and has taken advanced 
training. What was required was a release form signed by her doctor 
that stated she did not have any illness or incapacity that would 
prevent her from diving and that she was aware of risks, etc.....  
Usually the dive instructors or the shops will have a standard form 
from the agency for whom they perform certification. I know that PADI 
and SSI will certify diabetic divers if they have a waiver. NAUI will 
not (or at least would not last year).

Bear in mind that SCUBA diving is contraindicated for persons with 
diabetes. Definetly have to have it together and be in good control, 
have a good buddy, etc.... to dive with diabetes. From my personal 
perspective I would say it's easier with a pump than with MDI -- 
again the NPH/Lente bugaboo is not there to bite you. 

You must be able to convince your endo or whatever doctor will sign 
off on the form that you really know what you are doing and that you 
understand and are prepared to manage the risks.

My observations of Lily are that she becomes chilled more easily an 
has more difficulty regulating body temperature overall. If she 
happens to get her bg's just perfect for the whole pre-dive and dive 
time, then it everything is ok, but if she is a little high (for 
safety or course) then she can't keep warm as long as her brother or 
I can and must either stop sooner or wait longer before the next dive 
so she can warm up and stabalize her bg's. Thermal loss is probably 
the greatest threat to bg stability, even in tropical waters like 
Hawaii WITH A WET SUIT. When she was a few years younger, she'd get 
low after about 30 min in tropical water without a wet suit. Now, it 
is more typical that she gets high quickly. We've tried a pre-dive 
bolus and that seems to help, but have not yet perfected the "right" 
method. I suspect as soon as she hits the water that her liver starts 
to dump because of the increased energy demands -- similar to other 
high performance athletic requirements that are reported. Can't tell 
you much more.

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