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[IPk] Funding


Interested to hear that you had failed to get funding in Aberdeen.  It took
me the best part of 2 years to get on the pump here (in Aberdeen) - I
decided at the outset that I was going to remove the pump purchase cost
argument and said that I would pay it, and asked that we take costs out of
the discussion.  We never really discussed consumables until they agreed to
let me go on the pump.  And now, as they have no one else at Aberdeen who
they have put on the pump (though several who have got the pump elsewhere I
believe) they have agreed to fund my consumables to see how I get on.

I do believe cost is just another barrier that clinics put up.  Not that I
am saying I would not still be waiting if I had not agreed to fund myself
(paying it back slowly I might add!!) - but it is a barrier that is used.  

Saying that I have been very lucky as I have been put onto the lists of one
of the clinicians who is very keen on "new methods" - and he has been so
helpful in getting me sorted out.  Last time I spoke with the clinic they
said that no one else had come forward keen to try the pump (now have
decided to fund AN Other to go on it) - I did have to point out that
patients have been discouraged about pumps for so long, it is hardly
surprising, and, in addition, few of the Drs at the clinic are pro-pump.
Patients need to be able to make an informed choice - assisted by informed

Oops, getting on my soap box again!

Audrey Sheal
IDDM 20 yrs +, Minimed pumper 5 months +

> I fear you may have misunderstood the point I was trying to make.
> I have been on a pump for nearly 20 years. For the first 12 years Guys 
> Metabolic Unit provided all supplies. When they dropped funding the pump 
> prog. the few remaining patients (all of whom had volunteered for various 
> research projects - some more painful than others!)were "given" their
> pumps 
> and details of where to purchase supplies. Since then I have been buying 
> supplies despite various attempts to get different Health Authorities to 
> pay. To date I have failed in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and most recently here
> in 
> London with Westminster & Kensington AHA.
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