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Re: Re: [IPk] Re: Frustrated and fed-up...

I am getting paranoid about hypos too.  I had a bad one at work the other 
day (partly my fault, I was out drinking the night before) and earlier this 
week I had to out again for work. I didn't want a repeat, so I had heaps to 
eat and definitely not enough insulin, but I didn't want to go low.

I am learning though - I stocked up again yesterday on glucotabs, and I 
won't ignore those early hypo warning signals again!

It is sooooo annoying - it seems whenever I go out at the weekend (just 
walking around!) I go low - during the week I am pretty sedentary so I 
obviously take more insulin during the week than I need at the weekend, I 
just havent go the balance right!

All the best,


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>Subject: Re: Re: [IPk] Re: Frustrated and fed-up...
>Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 18:08:03 -0600
>hey there! i understand your fear! right now im afraid of getting
>into the bath because im afraid of falling dew to my neropothy in my
>legs&hands.i have also had low blood sugars while doingactivitys..i
>have found that keeping juice around or even a candy bar helps come
>my nerves! your friend,,jacki cornett
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