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Re: [IPk] Re: Frustrated and fed-up...

>I'm afraid I don't understand why having had hypos when you have a bath is
>a problem for you. Surely if you test your BG before you have a bath, and if
>it's low eat something first, and don't have baths soon after injecting
>(all of
>which is common sense for anyone with diabetes), it shouldn't be a problem?

Hey - steady on, Di! You're beginning to sound like Hilly's nurse (test
less often and then I'll be better able to pretend I know what's going on

I too get unpredictable things happening to my bg when I have a bath. My
strategy is to have showers instead, because I cannot predict what might
happen to by bg as I soak myself in that hot water. It's a random event -
unpredictable. But if things like that can be considered when applying for
DLA, then I say splendid!

As far as I'm concerned, there is no morality or ethics involved when
claiming benefits. There may be hurt pride, but that's something else. You
wouldn't not claim your tax allowance because you didn't need it. Likewise,
the government has legislated for a Disabled Living Allowance, and if you
can legally jump through the hoops to get it, then that is good.

I remember being uncertain whether to tick the disabled box in the 1990
Census. I bloody well felt it (Human Ultratard + Human Actrapid twice
daily. Massive night time hypos accepted as a normal part of surviving with
diabetes), but had no guidance. There we are.


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