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Re: [IPk] Re: Frustrated and fed-up...

I wouldn't dream of applying if it wasn't for the extra complications I am
now getting but I still feel guilty applying because as Diana said you may
not get the help you ask for or intend to get it, but you are still
entitled. I am working at the moment but due to DM and complications (and
the depression I constantly seem to have now as well), I am worried I may
lose my job. Hence I am applying for peace of mind at present in case I lose
my job...at least I will already be in the "benefits system". Diabetics do
come under the Disability Act so I don't feel I am "labelling" myself
anymore than already. (It's the reason I have not been sacked at this point
due to sickness levels, but I do agree to see an Occupational Health
therapist for work purposes)
One thing I am learning though is the forms can be hard as you have to list
everything on a "worse case scenario" and that can feel like your
exaggerating your ill health. It is also quite hard as I spend all my time
trying not to think of what I can not do etc and for this form (3 forms in
total) you have to do exactly the opposite. I found it quite upsetting which
surprised me.
My live-in partner has to do alot for me and  I expect what most of us have
to do is rely on good friends and family.
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> Hi Ingrid
> I agree totally with you.
> But, as I said in my original post, I think it's very unlikelyyou'd get it
> you ONLY have DM and nothing else.
> If you have total hypo unawareness, that could be a different matter.
> I feel quite guilty about claiming it at all, even though I'm entitled to,
> because I don't necessarily actually get someone to help with everything I
> theoretically need help for. If there's noone to help me get somewhere at
> night, for example, I might go out on my own. I don't like to, because I
> have difficulties and I feel very unsafe, but I *can* do it. Does that
mean I
> shouldn't claim for help with mobility? And a lot of things I put in my
> that I need help for, I get friends to do, but I don't pay them, I rely
> on their generosity.
> it's a minefield of ethics......
>  On Thu, 15 Mar 2001, you wrote:
> > I'm a bit confused.
> >
> > I can understand claiming it if you have a "disability" caused by DM (or
> > whatever), but I can honestly say I would not believe in claiming it
> > because I have DM.  By your argument I could say that because I have had
> > couple of severe night time hypos, I need someone to look after me (thus
> > husband question), and thus I could claim it!
> >
> > But I am not disabled, and I am in fulltime work (I know I am lucky, and
> > there are others a lot less fortunate than me).
> >
> > Does anybody else think this could possibly give Dmers a bad name?
> >
> > And don't they think it could backfire on them?  Because if you are
> > a DISABILITY allowance, wouldn't some people say that rules you out of a
> > of things?
> >
> > I am sorry if I am offending anyone here, these are just my thoughts....
> >
> >
> > Ingrid
> >
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