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RE: [IPk] Re: Frustrated and fed-up...

> It sounds like, after the rigmarole of actually getting the allowance, you'd
> need a holiday!

Too right - the medical examination and grilling they give you is an absolute
nightmare. Even though all the literature etc. says if you're registered blind
you're entitled to at least the lower component of each part, they still didn't
make it easy for you.

 The "doctor" who examined me told me that I was deluding myself if I
thought I would retain any sight by a year's time - even if it were true (which
it isn't, cos I still have as much sight as I did then) she knew nothing about
me or retinopathy.

  > I was interested to read that 85% of people who
appeal a negative decision > actually receive the allowance. I suspect they
reject people out of hand in > the hopes that they'll go away. It does seem
that if you push hard enough > you will eventually get what you need. >  >

I gues it's quite easy to make a false claim, sothey have to have some way of
weeding people out....
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