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[IPk] Why Can't It be Simple?

Hi All,
     Hope your all coping as well as we can, anyway as I mentioned recently my
nan died (of old age) we eventually raised #400 in donations as apposed to
flowers which I took to my diabetic consultant at my hospital, to say he was
over the moon was an understatement, we had a good old chat for about 3/4 of
an hour, I explained that I had mentioned how most of us work out our CHO to
Insulin ratio
and explained the rule of thumb method again he was very understanding this
time and agreed with my figures especially when I informed him that I had
weighed all my CHO checked all labels and wrappers and I had probably had the
best results in a long time, but pointed out that I'm not prepared to spend
the rest of my life carrying scales and a CHO book about.
     He is really for the pump and thinks we should all be entitled to it if
we want, but he has now been hauled across the coals for funding three of us
an it now looks that he is really going to put up a fight, I explained that
I'm past 14 months with no hospital addmissions which  up until then I spent
an average of six weeks a year addmitted, so its saved a fortune. He went on
to point out that healthcare trusts loved people who are in for say 3-5 days
with DKA, what they dont need are (dare i say it) elderly people who come in,
stay for 12 wks with X amount of phyisiotherapists, X amount of medication and
X amount of comunity care, then go home and eventually pass away, like my nan
and grandad did, this seems rediculous to me if there say 1.2 million
diabetics and say 50% could or want to use a pump the savings on addmissions
and complications would be astronomical.
     He then went on to tell me other things about healthcare and how bad it
was getting which was amazing and I found it hard to believe but I know by
what I've read in my local paper that these problems are nearly reality, I
cant explain to you as its political and also involes race.
     On a brighter note he did say meeting and talking to people like me with
all what I've been through and am going through, he says it makes his
difficult job worth doing.
     If your having problems getting funding be strong don't give up there are
health people who care and want the best for their patients, it may sound a
silly idea but has anyone heard of anyone trying the court of human rights, to
get something that would help improve the quality of their lives there seems
to be no end of people getting compensated for wacky claims and being given
grants for silly no hope ideas especially from the lottery.
     Anyway I've said my bit,

Best regards to everyone,

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