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Re: [IPk] Re: Frustrated and fed-up...

A huge big thank you from all who listened and replied...thanks.
I will take on board what has been said and have been considering "jumping
ship" to another hospital clinic. My problem is I am with Guy's Hospital and
they are one of the big teaching hospitals so I keep being told. I am
considering King's but I don't know if that's just because they are one of
the consultanty groups who will be doing clinical trials for Islet
I did meet with a nurse today and it went quite well but I was asked why I
do so many blood tests and Ketone tests a day and wasn't I getting bogged
down with it all (i do on average 4-6 blood tests and 2-4 ketone tests) She
even asked me to do fewer tests as there was too much information for her to
take in. The only reason I do so many (and feel happier for it) is to try
and show these people that no matter what I try, my bloods stay out of
control. Also if I have any chance of a pump, don't I need to show all my
The reason I am trying to link in with the nurse is that I'm not ill enough
to go to hospital but not well enough to hold down my work, life etc. I am
not Ketoacidic but run with sugars up to 20-odd most days but I feel if I
return to normal "life" then I will become sicker as my time will be on
other things, like working. At least that's what has always happened in the
I was also told by Guy's that even if they supported me for a pump i would
have to pay for it all myself as the funding comes from West Kent Authority
and it would cost me at least #6,000 for the first year, with the education
and training costs included. Now I am confused...
Anyway I still feel better to day (ignoring the unexplained 17.0 reading I
just had!!) and I am just glad that someone saw me today.
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> >...and needed to tell someone about a phone call I just had with a nurse
> >mmy diabetes clinic and I hope this is okay to use this site for such a
> >purpose
> >but I have no one else to de-stress with.
> Hi Hilly -
> You rant here as much as you need to. That's fine by me :-)
> I think that what you are reporting is absolutely disgraceful! If you are
> making the effort, and your treatment plan is not working, then something
> has to change. It sounds to me as if the hospital is failing you in a
> way. Short of disbanding the clinic and reforming it again, your best bet
> may be to up sticks and find another diabetes clinic, where they will take
> you seriously. Speak to your GP. And while you are doing it, you might as
> well find one that is familiar with pump therapy, because not all clinics
> are. Contact INPUT (tel 01590 677911) - John Davis will be able to give
> the name of pump clinics near you.
> Read some interesting blurb about gastroparesis in the JDF International
> magazine yesterday - it seems that Viagra (tm) may have a role to play in
> treating gastroparesis, not just male impotence. They also suggest that
> of people with diabetes may get gastroparesis, and the current treatmens
> are not very effective. Gastroparesis is where the stomach fails to empty
> properly, leaving the food stuck in your stomach for a long time. Pumps
> help since you can slow down the release of a meal bolus as much as you
> need using the square wave bolus. And in turn, better bg control reduces
> the gastroparesis, but gastro makes it very hard to get good bg's. Hard
> cycle to break.
> John
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