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[IPk] Re: Frustrated and fed-up...

>...and needed to tell someone about a phone call I just had with a nurse from
>mmy diabetes clinic and I hope this is okay to use this site for such a
>but I have no one else to de-stress with.

Hi Hilly -

You rant here as much as you need to. That's fine by me :-)

I think that what you are reporting is absolutely disgraceful! If you are
making the effort, and your treatment plan is not working, then something
has to change. It sounds to me as if the hospital is failing you in a major
way. Short of disbanding the clinic and reforming it again, your best bet
may be to up sticks and find another diabetes clinic, where they will take
you seriously. Speak to your GP. And while you are doing it, you might as
well find one that is familiar with pump therapy, because not all clinics
are. Contact INPUT (tel 01590 677911) - John Davis will be able to give you
the name of pump clinics near you.

Read some interesting blurb about gastroparesis in the JDF International
magazine yesterday - it seems that Viagra (tm) may have a role to play in
treating gastroparesis, not just male impotence. They also suggest that 75%
of people with diabetes may get gastroparesis, and the current treatmens
are not very effective. Gastroparesis is where the stomach fails to empty
properly, leaving the food stuck in your stomach for a long time. Pumps
help since you can slow down the release of a meal bolus as much as you
need using the square wave bolus. And in turn, better bg control reduces
the gastroparesis, but gastro makes it very hard to get good bg's. Hard
cycle to break.


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