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Hilly, I feel for you. I've been there. Done that.  And am getting a

If I were you, I'd give this contract a try. Ensure that it's a two-way
contract: you promise to do things, they promise to do things: e.g.
We will provide H. Beattie with three-monthly 15 minute consultations.
H. Beattie will measure her blood glucose, on average, five times a day.
We will change H. Beatties' regime every time it fails to improve (as
measured by a HbA1c test moving less that 0.2 downwards).
H. Beattie will undertake three twenty minute exercise periods a week.

And so on and so forth. 

If they don't want to play (or you are unable to reach compromises (six-
monthly consultations?  3 bg measurements per day?)) then go back to
your GP, and ask for a second opinion.  This group can tell you where is
your nearest/most convenient hospital committed to pumps.  If your GP
won't play, change GPs (not an option for those of us living in deeply
rural areas or without access to transport, I admit).

Pumps are not, I believe, the answer to every diabetic's needs (that
five-bg measurements a day thing being one of the biggies - you also
need a certain kind of attitude to life, and above average fighting
skills (or good luck).  BUT clinics that are interested in pumps tend to
be in big teaching hospitals, and tend to be interested in their
patients, in new ideas, and so on.  

Have a look at Elizabeth's absolutely splendid description of why a pump
is the best thing for her (and possibly my less splendid one which was
largely cribbed from Elizabeth's anyway).  If this rings any bells, or
if you think 'no, but I ...', write it down.  This is the sort of
argument you may have to make to your health authority to secure
funding.  If there's anything which we tried, and failed at, that you'd
like to try, ask us. 

Why are you speaking to nurses, anyhow?  Out of control diabetes is a
medical emergency: you should be speaking to a qualified doctor. Nurses
are for ongoing concerns, not 'I need to change my life' stuff.

Best wishes from a surprisingly springlike Surrey,


In message <email @ redacted>, Diana Maynard
<email @ redacted> writes
>From: "Hilly Beattie" <email @ redacted>
>To: <email @ redacted>
>Subject: Frustrated and fed-up...
>Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 16:27:15 -0000
>...and needed to tell someone about a phone call I just had with a nurse from
>mmy diabetes clinic and I hope this is okay to use this site for such a purpose
>but I have no one else to de-stress with. I have been trying to get to see a
>nurse in general since (this time round) October last year. I do have a nurse
>but she has refused to reply to any of my calls to see her or explain to me
>why not. ( one of her collegues told me "I'm not the only one who she is
>failing to see/contact but what can I do with that?) I have spent this time
>going back and forward from two hospital sites both of which tell me I have to
>speak to "my" nurse to make an appointment. I have repeatedly stated I would
>be willing to see any nurse as I have uncontrolled diabetes and continued to
>feel more unwell as the months went on.
>I finally speak to a nurse today who amongst other things asks me why is my
>diabetes uncontrolled and what do I want them to do about it after I had at
>length (!!) described the 16 years I had it and the neuropathy, gastroparisis,
>retinopathy and constant nausea that hindered any hope of good control. I was
>as good as told that if none of the insulins or injection schemes they had put
>me on had worked what more did I expect and how they have to have a "cut-off
>point, so to speak" and didn't I see this?
>I wont go on except to say does anyone get this reaction from their clinics as
>I think it is wrong? I did get an appointment for Wednesday to see the nurse
>and she gave me half an hour on the phone, all of which I am greatful for but
>I had to pour my heart out again about my health and agree to consider a
>"contract" with the hospital.    Thank you to all who have struggled through
>this tirade!
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Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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