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From: "Hilly Beattie" <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Subject: Frustrated and fed-up...
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 16:27:15 -0000

...and needed to tell someone about a phone call I just had with a nurse from
mmy diabetes clinic and I hope this is okay to use this site for such a purpose
but I have no one else to de-stress with. I have been trying to get to see a
nurse in general since (this time round) October last year. I do have a nurse
but she has refused to reply to any of my calls to see her or explain to me
why not. ( one of her collegues told me "I'm not the only one who she is
failing to see/contact but what can I do with that?) I have spent this time
going back and forward from two hospital sites both of which tell me I have to
speak to "my" nurse to make an appointment. I have repeatedly stated I would
be willing to see any nurse as I have uncontrolled diabetes and continued to
feel more unwell as the months went on.
I finally speak to a nurse today who amongst other things asks me why is my
diabetes uncontrolled and what do I want them to do about it after I had at
length (!!) described the 16 years I had it and the neuropathy, gastroparisis,
retinopathy and constant nausea that hindered any hope of good control. I was
as good as told that if none of the insulins or injection schemes they had put
me on had worked what more did I expect and how they have to have a "cut-off
point, so to speak" and didn't I see this?
I wont go on except to say does anyone get this reaction from their clinics as
I think it is wrong? I did get an appointment for Wednesday to see the nurse
and she gave me half an hour on the phone, all of which I am greatful for but
I had to pour my heart out again about my health and agree to consider a
"contract" with the hospital.    Thank you to all who have struggled through
this tirade!
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