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[IPk] 50 Years Today

Hi everyone,

It is exactly 50 years ago today that I officially became a diabetic and
started insulin injections. I didn't know much about it for a few days as I
had been allowed to go into a deep coma and was considered to be seriously ill
at the time. The local GP, now long gone, didn't realize what the problem was
until it was nearly too late.

It was my intention to send this mail in earlier in the day but this is the
first opportunity that I have had. After a busy day, I have spent the evening
explaining the advantages of pump therapy to a young local diabetic man. He
has noticed how much I have improved since starting on the pump.

Following on from Mike Jensen's letter I would also like to pass comment about
my experiences with Humalog and Actrapid, but it is getting late tonight so I
will do it tomorrow or as soon as possible.

Regards to you all,

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