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Re: [IPk] more reservoir questions

>So, do you fill your reservoir all the way and then just change the set?  Or
>do you only fill it with enough to last you til your set change and then
>start a new reservoir?  I don't want to be throwing a reservoir out every
>three days, but I'm also concerned about insulin getting overheated, since
>my pump will generally be in my pocket.

I fill my cartridge to 300 units, and change the cartridge when it is empty
(or nearly empty) - that's about 7 days. Since I use a disconnectable
infusion set, I can do this separately from changing the infusion set
(which I do every 2 days). If you find that a bit confusing, it's very
clear once you have all the kit in front of you! :-)

Some people, if they are self funding, reuse the cartridge once, twice or
more. This carries small risks - much like reusing a disposable syringe -
but it's something you may be happy doing.


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