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[IPk] Re: No longer a pre-pumper

Many thanks to everyone who replied to my message. I am still in the middle
of major adjustments and have put my mind at rest that I will need to work
hard for several weeks/months in order to identify an adequate pump
regimen. - My evening basal is down to .3, daytime .4 and nightime .5 (yes,
you read correctly, higher nightime, although I'm not entirely convinced
about this). *Any* level of physical activity seems to affect my basal
requirements by quite a bit (we're talking about the difference between
sitting in front of the computer for half an hour and walking up two
flights of stairs to go to the gents'), which might perhaps explain the
apparent higher nightime requirement. My daily totals are now roundabout 28
U, quite a drop from 40-45 on MDI, but my bg's are still not stable so it's
a case of wait and see. Probably as a result of low insulin + unstable bg's
I've lost a bit of weight, which in percentage terms is  not negligible
since I have always been lean/thin [John N., shame that the Oxford
Dictionary does not carry an entry for "a thin". Perhaps in my case I
should write to them  :-)]. In my consultant's words, I'm on "a thin man's
insulin" and the Almighty never intended for me to be fat. Apparently, if I
really want to gain a handful of kg's  I will have to eat more, boost my
insulin accordingly and then go to the gym to build up muscle rather than
fat. Well! That means I will always be a thin because I really can't stand
the thought of pumping iron aimlessly ...  I'd rather pump a 508 only  :-).
If I really have to get some exercise I'd rather lift crates of grapes and
dump the contents in the barrels, there is a good purpose to that ...


Dr Gianfranco Novarino

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