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Re: [IPk] more reservoir questions

>The manuals all say to fill your reservoir with two or three days' insulin.  
>If I filled my reservoir to 300, I would have enough insulin for 8-10 days, 
>based on my current usage, and allowing for primes.
>So, do you fill your reservoir all the way and then just change the set?  Or 
>do you only fill it with enough to last you til your set change and then 
>start a new reservoir?  I don't want to be throwing a reservoir out every 
>three days, but I'm also concerned about insulin getting overheated, since 
>my pump will generally be in my pocket.

Hi Elizabeth
Well, for a start it depends whether you like to use the "short fill" or
"long-fill" method. If you use the short fill method, the reservoir doesn't
stick out of the end of the pump. That annoys me, since I tend to wear the
pump in unusual places, and it digs into me. WIth the short fill method,
you'll only get 1.5ml in at a time. I personally don't always change the
set and refill the pump at the same time - I do whichever needs doing at
the time (a reservoir generally lasts me about 4 days).
Oh, of course, if you only use the reservoir for 3 days, then you can
refill the old one with new insulin - you don't have to throw it out after
a single use.So you're not wasting anything by doing it that way.

 However, some people find it less hassle to fill the pump completely
full, so they don't have to refill it so often, which can be a hassle. John
has been trying to convince me on this one for a year :-)
 People who do this and use it for
8-10 days don't seem to have a problem with it overheating. basically, I
think it's extremes of temp. rather than prolonged exposure to heat. So, if
the insulin gets above a certain temp., it's going to be affected
regardless of whether it's at that temp for a day or 10 days. I may be
wrong on that though.   I often
keep my pump close to my skin, where it gets pretty hot when I'm dancing,
and it's always been fine. I think you just have to experiment.
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