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Re: [IPk] Sets and Polyfin

Hi Paul
I too like the Silhouette for ease of use and insertion, and comfort,
especially compared with the Sofset. Is the Polyfin like the Rapid?
It's not disconnectable though, is it? That would annoy me intensely if
it's not.

I'vve found an interesting thing about inserting a site in a highly muscled
area - it takes a lot longer for the insulin to "get through" - so for the
first 4-8 hours I have to take a lot more insulin. After that it seems to
start working fine and I don;t have any more problems, pretty much
regardless of whether I am exercising that muscle group or not.
Anyone else have this kind of experience?
And I don't want a lecture on why i shouldn't use a muscled area for my
site. It works for me :-)

  On Thu, 30 Mar 2000, you
wrote: >I've been pumping for a couple of months and am interested to hear
of >peoples experiences with sets. I've found the silhoette to be the most
>comfortable, but am currently trying the polyfin and like it's simplicity
>and the ability to change site (not to mention the economics!). For how
long >do people generally use the polyfin before changing tubing, and how
often do >you change site. > >Thanks. >
>Paul Kennedy
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