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Re: [IPk] DAHEDI Insulinpump

Dear Kai
What magnetic fields are you talking about?  We always insist that the pump is not used in such areas, as these can affect the electronics within the pump, which is why we insist that patients must remove the pump for such things as MRI scans, etc.
Kind regards
Estelle Lucas
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From: Kai Pekruhl <email @ redacted>
To: Pumpen newsletter <email @ redacted>
Date: 29 March 2000 06:05
Subject: [IPk] DAHEDI Insulinpump

Hi everybody!
I've got a problem with my pump: If I got into strange electromagnetic fields the pump stopps working immediately. Does anybody have same problems or can get some info for me?
The manual does not say anything about it.
Thanks for help.
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