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[IPk] Fwd: pump funding refusal!

>I rang the health board today, and the woman I spoke to said they had
>turned down my application for funding my pump.  She said that she had rung
>other health boards and no one else had ever funded a pump, so that was why
>they turned down my application.  I said, that's very interesting, because
>I know someone from Monaghan was put on a pump by my clinic and her health
>board paid for it, and someone at another Dublin hospital was recently put
>on a pump and the health board has paid for it.
>Ah, the thoroughness of civil servants!
>I'm sending my Minimed rep after her, anyway, and I think they will
>bludgeon her with information, facts, and statistics until she gives in.
>On the bright side, even if I have to pay for the pump myself, the health
>board will fund the consumables.

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