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Re: [IPk] more night-time basal problems

>I'm currently on 1.1 units per hour from midnight to 8am, and then 1.3 from
>8am to 11am.  If I lower it to 1.0 (as was my first thought, given that the
>high 8am looks like a rebound), I just end up higher in the morning. At the
>moment I am either hypo or nearly hypo sometime between at 1am and 4am.
>Might the solution be to lower it to 1.0 for the first few hours, and then
>to increase it to, say, 1.2 at about 5am?
>My dawn syndrome (I thought) starts at about 9am, but maybe thi shas changed
>and it's actualyl starting a lot earlier?

Sounds like a job for MiniMed's Continuous Glucose Monitor that will track
you night-time bg for 3 days!


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