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[IPk] What you ever wanted to say....!

Hi everyone ,
I haven't looked at my emails for about 2-3 weeks (cleaning for first time visit of mum and dad), but I was surprised by the number of profiles and their diversity.Could it be my imagination or are more people becoming intrested in pumps?
I have been asked to give a 20-30 minute talk about pumps to staff on the course to become Diabetic nurse specialists! I thought that some people out there may  to have something to contribute.I'd be grateful for any ideas or comments.The talk isn't until the 26 June .
I believe that the attitude and actions of the Diabetic team at Grimsby hospital , is evidence that at least some health professionals out there do believe in patient choice and aren't afraid or ignorant of what the future holds. There is hope.
You have an opportunity to express your views to the DNS 's of the future .......
Yours hopefully
Carol Clohessy
PS if anyone wants to mail me of the list my email is email @ redacted.