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Re: [IPk] Pump and sensor symposium


A recent study from Yale compared a group of adolescents on Mult. Daily
Injections to a group on CSII.  Both groups received intensive treatment
that included routine visits every 4-6 weeks with Certified Diabetes
Educators (MD's, Nurse Practioners, Dieticians, Social Workers).  They
received diabetes education, CHO counting and "taught how to vary insulin
doses based on varied food intake or exercise."

The results of the study showed the following:

1.  HbA1c     Baseline            6 months            12 months
     MDI          8.8                         8.1                        8.3
     CSII          8.4                         7.7

MDI begins to rebound while CSII continues to decline

2.  The rate of severe hypoglycemic events of the CSII group was almost 50%
that of MDI
        CSII  76
        MDI   134

3.  Pump patients used less insulin

4.  No significant difference in DKA episodes

5.  Adolescents using pumps found coping with diabetes to be less difficult
than adolescents using MDI

This study clearly show the benefits of pumps over injections in acheiving
sustained improvements in the control of diabetes even when all of patients
receive intensive education and support.  Therefore, medical professionals
who believe that intensive education is as important to improved control as
the the pump itself are mistaken.

Here's a link to the abstract:


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