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Re: [IPk] Re The Budget 2000

>Dear All,
>Following the Budget and all the fine words from Gordon Brown and Tony Blair
>about extra money for the NHS, surely now is the time to put real pressure
>on to get pumps and the equipment on prescription. Having just about reached
>my 19th year on a pump (originally fully funded but now costing ££££pa) I
>feel very strongly about this!I have just completed my move to London (from
>sunny Aberdeen)I intend to register with a GP and get referred back to Guy's
>and I am going to work hard to get all my equipment fully funded.I will
>report my progress.

Ian -

Good luck! and please push hard... I have always believed strongly that
there is ample money flowing through the British economy for pumps to be
fully funded - provided somebody high enough up says the word.

I had not expected the BDA - our main advocacy organisation - to be so
reticent when we asked for their support in this matter. However, there has
been great progress there. The word that has come back to me from the BDA's
recent Brighton conference is that many powers-that-be think pump therapy
is after all a "good thing". Even dear Dr Burden, who personally wrote me
such a snotty dismissive letter, was to be seen at the pump symposium
asking for the relevent medical papers to be sent to his office. Hurrah! :-)

The best news of all is that reference was made at the conference to the
large number of letters being received by the BDA from pump users. It seems
that even the extra fuss we made about the letters' distribution has
increased the impact.

I think the time is arriving when nobody need pay for their own
consumables. Contact John Davis who runs Input (
http://www.webshowcase.net/input  tel: 01425 629773, email:
email @ redacted), and he may be able to tell you what to write to whom.


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