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Re: [IPk] No longer a pre-pumper

>Just like to say that having been on the 508 for two days I am no longer a
>mere pre-pumper.

Ciao Franco! und willkommen...

>My initiator was Sarah Davis (in case you're reading Sarah,
>many thanks once again).

Lovely lady :-) (Hi Sarah!)

>Difficult to interpret my bg patterns because I had
>never taken Humalog before, and on day 1 I also went down with a pretty
>nasty virus!

I have found a pump to be most efficatious in tackling "the virus". Double
my basal, bg stays in normal range, and it is my opion that virus seem to
clear up much faster these days...

>Started off with a basal of .7 U/h and 3 fixed (sigh!) boluses
>of 6.0 U with a carb ratio of  ca. 1:15-1:16.

In my experience, 6 units of Humalog would send me hypo before the meal's
CHO hit me. But that's just me/my absorbtion rate/my digestion rate/the
sort of things I eat. And of course, 6 units pre meal commits you to eating
a fixed amount before you've put fork to mouth. I tend to take half before
I eat, and the rest afterwards depending on what I've actually eaten.

>The only  clear indication so
>far is that the basal rate requirement seems to decrease sharply roundabout
>6ish in the evening. Does anybody have a similar experience? Apart from
>that, no dawn phenomenon so far and slightly altered low bg symptoms (of the
>same adrenalin i.e  shaky/hyperactive//fidgety kind as before but quite

Last autumn I found my bg's might drift low in the early evening. I cut my
basal from .7 to .4 from 4pm to 8pm. This resolved the problem. But then
then the stress and hormonal chaos of impending fatherhood swamped the
finely tuned equilibrium. I am now on a nighttime rate of .5 and daytime of
.7 and things seem fairly steady. So the reverse "dusk phenomenon" seems to
come and go.

>Expensive, yes, I had to borrow on my
>mortgage (although how many would not consider  it  to be "normal" (* see
>footnote) to borrow  's for such commodities as a computer or a holiday
>in the tropics? A pump is probably a far more fruitful investment.

My feelings too. Best 2 grand I ever spent :-)


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