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Re: [IPk] Pump and sensor symposium

>He also said something that highlights the root of
>some of these problems, that high insulin levels control peripheral glucose
>uptake but low insulin levels control hepatic release of glucose i.e. there
>is more to taking insulin than dealing with the food we eat and many of the
>conventional regimens don't cover these requirements.

For me, one of best things about pump therapy is its abiliy to deliver a
predictable and finely controllable basal rate, which allows me to keep a
normal bg without having to constantly intervene with food. I'm delighted
some doctors are finally taking this on board :-)

>Oh and apparently
>insulin pump therapy costs as much as smoking to the average smoker.

And it's just as addictive!

>Dr. Kerr was very funny and enthusiastic and highlighted the point that this
>new technology might start to make some healthcare professionals a little
>uncomfortable because it reveals EVERYTHING and patients are going to want

This is excellent isn't it. Empowering patients to demand solutions...

>In the discussion the point was brought out that in many cases the intensive
>education element of pump therapy is as important to improved control as the
>pump itself and the Dusselldorf program  was mentioned in reference to this.

I've often suspected this too. If I ever had to go back to injections, I
would be far more aware of how it was all working, but probably very
frustrated that I couldn't on demand lower my basal rate between 4pm and
8pm ;-)


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