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[IPk] No longer a pre-pumper


Just like to say that having been on the 508 for two days I am no longer a
mere pre-pumper. My initiator was Sarah Davis (in case you're reading Sarah,
many thanks once again). Difficult to interpret my bg patterns because I had
never taken Humalog before, and on day 1 I also went down with a pretty
nasty virus! Started off with a basal of .7 U/h and 3 fixed (sigh!) boluses
of 6.0 U with a carb ratio of  ca. 1:15-1:16.  The only  clear indication so
far is that the basal rate requirement seems to decrease sharply roundabout
6ish in the evening. Does anybody have a similar experience? Apart from
that, no dawn phenomenon so far and slightly altered low bg symptoms (of the
same adrenalin i.e  shaky/hyperactive//fidgety kind as before but quite

Of possible interest: Out of their own initiative (!) my medical practice is
in the course of applying to my health authority (Camden & Islington) to
fund the pump consumables. Absolutely no hope of getting any refund towards
the pump itself, of which I was well aware from the start, but going on the
pump was my own decision anyway. Expensive, yes, I had to borrow on my
mortgage (although how many would not consider  it  to be "normal" (* see
footnote) to borrow  's for such commodities as a computer or a holiday
in the tropics? A pump is probably a far more fruitful investment).


(*) Members of this list might not be aware of my innate adversion towards
this word and the concept it represents. Ergo the inverted commas.

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