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Re: [IPk] hypo unawareness

>Enter stage left - MiniMed Continuous Glucose Sensor. Several people on
>this list have already worn one. You stick a needle under the skin, connect
>it to a pump like box, and it quietly measures your bg every 5 minutes for
>3 days, then you and your doctor look at the results.

Yup, exactly what i was thinking.
I want one !!!

>The results can sometimes be astonishing! All sorts of things going on in
>between your 6 tests a day.

Unless your name is John Davis , of course <vbg>.

>PS Does anyone have any news about what happened at the pump and sensor
>seminar at the BDA's Brighton conference last week?

I don't know, but Donna Hodgkiss went. 
Maybe she can tell us what exciting things went on.
Donna, are you out there????

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