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Re: [IPk] hypo unawareness

>The problem is, I can't set my alarm and test throughout the night, because
>my Bg does different things when I'm asleep and awake, and I don't go back
>to sleep for hours if I wake up in the night. So the readings are all wrong.
>I'm hoping they just need reducing by 0.1 throughout the whole night.

Enter stage left - MiniMed Continuous Glucose Sensor. Several people on
this list have already worn one. You stick a needle under the skin, connect
it to a pump like box, and it quietly measures your bg every 5 minutes for
3 days, then you and your doctor look at the results.

The results can sometimes be astonishing! All sorts of things going on in
between your 6 tests a day.

I asked my clinic about it last week. They have placed an order for one -
and I hope to be one of the first to use it - but the local MiniMed rep (in
Freiburg, Germany) has not got back to them yet. Come on MiniMed!


PS Does anyone have any news about what happened at the pump and sensor
seminar at the BDA's Brighton conference last week?

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