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[IPk] hypo unawareness

Searching for something completely unrelated, I found a reference to a
PhD thesis by A.M. Robinson in 1995 about diabetes control and the
pathophysiology of hypo unawareness.

Basically he claims what we know, that when you're well controlled, you get
the same amount of hyposoverall but that severe hypos are more common. 
John N, this may have been where you heard it, but he also makes the claim
about reduced physiological and symptomatic response to hypos when you're
lying down as opposed to standing up (unconnected to whether you're asleep
or not). He claims therefore that people with good control may be losing
their awareness because they're having lots of hypos in their sleep which
they are unaware of. He also claims thatin normal people it takes between 6
days and  4  weeks for the counterregulatory response to return to  normal
if no further episodes of hypoglycaemia occur.   

So I guess the answer is for all us to sleep standing up if we want good
control without hypo unawareness :-)

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