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[IPk] RESULT!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone
My name is Wendy Martin, I wrote a while back to say that my Hospital Consultant was willing to fund my pump supplies but could not supply the actual pump. And so I wrote to the Local Health Authority (Sefton) and I also met with my local MP about funding of the insulin pump. Good news arrived and I received a letter from the House of Commons at the week-end and one from the Director of Public Health. I am actually the first person to receive funding for an insulin pump in the Sefton area, I am also the first person to use a pump. I hope that I have paved the way for other diabetics that are in similar situations an exert from the letter reads '' Funding of the pump for this patient would be viewed as an exceptional case by the Health Authority. We intend that the issue of insulin pumps be discussed at a future meeting of Local Sefton Diabetes Advisory Group in order to agree appropriate criteria for future use of insulin pumps across Sefton.''  It's a start anyway!
Wendy xxx