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Re: [IPk] Re: Burden's Response

>To me this is intentionally patronising bullshit from someone who considers
>himself to be comfortably a member of a superior establishment, which is
>under threat from upstarts. It shows a negativity and ignorance which I am
>fortunate never yet to have encountered in a diabetes specialist.

Oh dear... I have broken a golden rule, and written a rather strongly
worded letter. My reply to Burden (copies to Hall, Street and Grainger) is
as follows:

13 March 2000

Dear Dr Burden

I am astonished to receive from a senior figure within the BDA such a
negative and defeatist letter. If we cannot rely on the BDA to fight for
the best possible diabetes care, to whom may we turn?

I do not believe that the 15% of the German type 1 diabetic population who
choose to use an insulin pump comprises 21,500 "individual exceptions". If
you are familiar with the latest peer-reviewed medical literature, you will
be aware that there is a well identified group for whom pump therapy offers
optimal quality of life and blood glucose control. Expense is not a valid
reason for declining to campaign for the full funding of an accepted
treatment method. Pump centres with the necessary experience are now being
set up across the UK, but typically the treatment must be privately funded.
I hope you do not feel that this is an appropriate way for diabetes care to
be distributed.

I await with great interest the forthcoming policy document which Paul
Streets suggests your committee is preparing. I trust that within your
committee there is a deeper understanding of the role of pump therapy than
you have displayed in your letter to me.

Yours sincerely

John Neale

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