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Re: [IPk] BDA Response

At 11-03-00 13:46 +0100, Felix Burden wrote:
>I am sure that you understand that the BDA's priority has been to change to
>insulin pump (crossed out) needles provided free because this would benefit
>so many people and is relatively cheap.

>  though I am sure there are, like yourself, individual
>exceptions to this.
>One of the other problems however about pumps at the moment in the UK is
>that very few of us have much experience in their use.
>Felix Burden
>Dr A C Burden, Chairman of the Diabetes Advisory Committee

Hi John,
You can now see why I had to ask you what the DCAC was, as even the
committee chairman does not know its new (fancy?, clever?, and no doubt
time & money was spent in thinking of the it) name. I am slightly surprised
by his letter, because he is what I would have considered to be one of the
more forward looking medical members of the board, although I note he also
has recently had a hip replaced and has been homebound for a while, he may
only be doing what he has been told to write.
Within his letter are several backfiring(?) bits.
i) As pen needles are now a historic item, would not pumps be the ideal
item with which to replace the time & effort previously spent on them?
ii) As he states that individuals 'like yourself' benefit from them, he is
implying that they are not for all (which is true) this therefore means
they are not as expensive to the government as he implies, so this makes
all the more reason for the BDA to be backing them, after all the BDA spent
a hell of a lot of money on UKPDS, that was of no direct benefit to myself
or any other type1 diabetic, therefore all the more reason to provide
money/effort towards pumps (and type1).
iii) His third item regarding not many 'of us' having much experience with
them is the biggest clanger. If that was the attitude taken in the 1920s
insulin would never have got beyond Canada, and none of us would be here
now. Similarly heart replacement operations, in the 60s (I think). Within
the BDA structure there is one person (Harry Keen) who has possibly more
experience (admittedly somewhat old)  in pumps than anyone else (medical)
in the country. Thus it would be a very good use of (not much) BDA money to
increase experience of pumps such as Stephanie Amiel is doing.
The BDA has given aid for Russian Doctors to increase their experience of
new insulins, why can it not find it possible to support aid to increase
British (N.I. included) doctors' experience of the pump?
Ask him what the BDA is supposed to be doing and what it is doing. I note
that the money (still being) spent on the name change would have provided a
lot of experience to several doctors about pumps.

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