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[IPk] HbA1c - how low?

>Hello Julette & Everyone,
>Here is an interesting graph that represents the "relative risk associated
>with a range of glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) values in patients with
>diabetes mellitus."

Peter - thanks for that.

I'm not quite sure what seizure and death is in this context...

I'm glad to see the graph is fairly vague, because what concerns me is that
it must, almost by definition, be an average over a large group of people.
Sorry to get a bit mathematical, but we each have a different risk-graph,
depending on our genetic susceptibility to complications. And that we
cannot measure.

You may run a high risk when you get over 8%, I may run a high risk when I
get over 6%, so our "average" is 7%. So we both achieve 7%, and I get comps
and you don't sort-of-thing.

So when a doctor says to me, your HbA1c is 5.9% - that's in the normal
range. Please don't try and get it any lower, I will disagree: because when
I get retinopathy they will say, oh sorry, it looks like you are
genetically susceptible to retinopathy, so you should have got your HbA1c
even lower 10 years ago. But sadly it's then too late.

So provided I have good hypo awareness (which thankfully I do), I aim to
keep my bg in the normal range. That, conveniently, is when I feel at my
best. And I don't pay too much attention to HbA1c targets.


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