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Re: [IPk] Bursitis of the hip

At 09-03-00 13:41 +0000, you wrote:
>Dear Friends
>I hope this is OK but I wanted to ask if any of you have come across
>anything in your extensive experience/reading around the subject of diabetes
>that mentioned bursitis of the hip joints.  I have had been suffering from
>constant pain for the last 18 months which worsens when walking particularly
>uphill or stairs.  Nobody seems to be able to tell me what it is or how to
>overcome it - I have had cortisone injections,  seen 2 physios and due to
>see a third, 1 osteopath, 2 scans - one bone, one soft tissue and anti
>inflammatory pills none of which seem to have made any difference.  Nobody
>has suggested that it is related in any way to the diabetes but I am
>clutching at straws rather and thought you might be able to help.  Can
>anybody offer any advice/thoughts on this frustrating and debilitating
>condition ?
>best wishes

Has Avascular Necrosis (AVN), (OsteoNecrosis, in USA), been mentioned?
I am having my right hip replaced in two weeks time. The NHS consultant 
refuses to believe that it can be connected to diabetes, but one of the 
'probable' causes of this is diabetes. The problem is that it will only 
affect about 2-3 diabetics per year (80% of the causes are alcohol abuse or 
over use of steroids).
Originally (1994) I had problems walking down stairs, then up stairs. 
Unbeknown to myself osteoarthritis (OA) in my left knee was diagnosed in 
1996, but no action was taken. In 1996 I first had pains in my hip and 
x-rays showed damaged, but I was told that the damage was typical for a 
person of my age (then 39-40). 1997 was not bad but from January 1998 pains 
got worse and worse and I managed to persuade my doctor that something was 
wrong. Further x-rays were taken and diagnosis of OA was made I was then 
sent for an MRI (that took 6 months, due to mail being lost within the NHS 
- I had to write to my MP) and put on NSAIDs which did very little. The MRI 
showed that a form of AVN may be present, but the consultant ignored this. 
I now need a stick to walk and have an orange badge for my car.
I have had to go for my operation privately, due to the NHS waiting lists 
getting longer and longer (they are kept low on record by switching people 
from one list to another).
Sorry to do as you wished (advice): contact Arthritis Care - Freephone 0808 
800 4050 (12-4pm), or 0171 916 1500 (10-4pm). Tell them that you have 
diabetes and request that they send you details concerning Osteonecrosis. 
They are a very, very helpful charity and due to the way they 'behaved' I 
could not resist joining them.
The problem with any connection between diabetes and AVN is that too few 
people are involved for it ever to get the research to 'prove' the connection.
I would also request to see your medical records at your GP, stating you 
wish to see anything connected with you hip problem. In those records much 
may turn up that you have not been told about.
A further reference to diabetes & bone diseases can be got from the book 
titled 'Diabetes', by Pickup & Williams (chapter 63). It is not thorough 
but may give you a general idea of what can happen. I would also demand 
that you be offered an MRI because it can show up many things that are 
beyond x-rays. If the problem is AVN it may be to very great advantage to 
find this out because if it attacks one hip it often (more than 50%) goes 
on to hit the other hip, BUT it can be stopped or even cured if found very 
early on. BUT again not many British doctors believe this and getting the 
medical help/medicine required may be even more difficult than getting 
support for a pump.
What I write may not have anything to do with your case but it may.
Best of luck,
Oh the only place I have been able to find comfort is in a swimming pool.

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