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[IPk] Re: (Elizabeth)

At 09-03-00 05:03 -0800, you wrote:

>unopened.  I don't recall opening mail to the board:  it was just stuck in 
>their in boxes or forwarded with information for the next board meeting.
Hi Elizabeth,
When rung (they rang me) by the BDA on Monday I was told that what had 
happened was exactly as you stated above.
Since then I have received blatant evidence that that has not been the case.
I enclose part of an 'excuse'??? for the delay.

"Letters were received for an imcomplete list of Trustees, it has taken some
time to
get together a complete set"

This implies that someone has assumed that the letters were meant for every 
trustee, and at least one had been opened beforehand (but that is not 
relevant), and could result in someone receiving mail that was not meant 
for them.
I also note that I have received another email in which the trustee told me 
that none of the mail I referred to had been received. But that the trustee 
had received mail sent to head office, from individual members, about 
another subject. This mail was neither meant nor sent to all the trustees. 
Yet if the excuse above was true that mail would have been opened, 
photocopied and sent to every trustee. Thus opening wide the BDA for taking 
different action dependant upon how somebody feels.
By the way did you come across Paul Streets at Amnesty International - he 
was most probably a clerk.
Best wishes,

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