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No Subject

John Neale stated:

Your letters stand more chance of being individually forwarded, and so
gaining greater impact, if you
a) don't send them all on the same day;
b) use different size envelopes;
c) get different people to address them; and
d) change a phrase or two in each letter, so that the letters are not

I know I'm not the only person on the list who's done voluntary work, but I 
also suggest you mark the envelope either 'Personal' or 'Private and 
Confidential'.  When I volunteered in the section office of the Irish 
Section of Amnesty International, we opened mail to the director, _unless_ 
it was addressed P & C or Personal, in which case it was put on her desk 
unopened.  I don't recall opening mail to the board:  it was just stuck in 
their in boxes or forwarded with information for the next board meeting.

I suppose marking envelopes like this won't guarantee the letters get there, 
but it would perhaps give you more evidence for a complaint to the Charities 

Frankly, I am happy I'm over here and not over there - although I am still 
waiting to receive any acknowledgement of my membership from the Diabetes 
Federation of Ireland, and I posted it to them a month ago.  They did 
recieve it:  I rang last week looking for it.  Still no postal 
acknowledgement, however.

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