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Re: [IPk] BDA Response

>Jeremy - have you been circulated with these, or did they just open one
>and send to all, or do they not understand the meaning of the word
>'circulated'?  I'd assumed that I was being written to by a semi-
>literate secretary, but it now seems as though the charity is being mis-

Things seem to be moving quite fast here, as we write.

I've just had a chat on the phone with Karen Thompson, the Committee
Secretary of the BDA. I wanted to know why my original letters, personally
addressed to trustees and others within the BDA, had not been promptly
forwarded. It appears that a photocopy of one of my letters with the
addressee typexed out has now been sent to Jeremy (at least!).

Karen Thompson was barely coherent, and squirmed as I politely picked holes
in her account of events. Without my prompting, she said "I assure you we
are doing nothing malicious or censorious". OK... But could offer no
explanation as to how they knew the content of each of my letters was
essentially identical. "But they arrived in a batch". So what!

As I have had my private access to the trustees of the BDA interfered with,
I am now pursuing the matter with the Charities Commission.

However, I do still lend my support to the BDA, and believe the
organisation to be the primary and most influential voice of people with
diabetes in Britain.

If anyone else would like to write to the BDA asking that they support the
rights of suitable candidates to have free access to pump therapy within
the NHS, I encourage you to send letters to BDA, 10 Queen Annes St, London
W1M 0BD.

Here's a list of trustees and others:
* Dr Michael Hall, Chair
* Mr Mike Higgins, Treasurer
* Mrs Margaret Hunter, Secretary
* Sir Michael Hirst, Vice-chair
* Dr Felix Burden, Vice-chair
* Ms Sue Cradock, Vice-chair
* Ms Karen Addington
* Mr Ramakant Anaokar
* Dr Rudi Bilous
* Dr David Borsey
* Mrs Mary Burden
* Dr D. Carson
* Mrs D Cartwright
* Mrs Wendy Gane
* Lord Gladwin
* Mr Jeremy Grainger
* Mrs Jenny Hoggins
* Dr Richard Holland
* Prof Simon Howell
* Mr Tim Hoy
* Dr Ian Jefferson
* Aveen McNeill
* Mr Bill Maddox
* Dr David Matthews
* Mr Pat Millar
* Dr J Peters
* Prof John Tooke

These are others in the BDA who have influence, although they do not have
voting rights:

* Mrs Barbara Elster, Vice-president
* Mrs Anne Felton, Vice-president
* Mrs Judith Rich, Vice-president
* Prof Harry Keen former chair of the BDA
* Stuart Freel a former trustee, who is now the BDA's representative within
the International Diabetes Federation in Europe, and is often at board
* Prof Steven Bloom a former trustee
* Paul Streets, Chief-Executive of BDA

Your letters stand more chance of being individually forwarded, and so
gaining greater impact, if you
a) don't send them all on the same day;
b) use different size envelopes;
c) get different people to address them; and
d) change a phrase or two in each letter, so that the letters are not


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