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[IPk] Dahedi Review...or...Beeping All the Day

Having met with my Dr at the clinic this morning and decided with him that I
need to change to a HTRON+V100 and Humalog, I thought now is the time to
write a quick review of my 6 weeks beeping with the Dahedi25E40:

The Dahedi is manufactured in Holland by a firm called Sartorius I think,
but this year Disetronic (who make the HTRON) bought the firm and so are now
selling both pumps. There is some talk of Disetronic designing a new pump
with the HTRON's functions and the Dahedi's size, but this will certainly
take a while longer. The Dahedi is smaller than other pumps, but having
tried it out I think this is its only real advantage.

Things I dislike are:

- I have my doubts about the blockage alarm response, which seems to take at
least 5 times longer to be activated than the HTRON and MiniMed latest
models (see 'Blockage Alarms' thread from February). I mailed to Disetronic
about this, got a very quick response from a marketing person promising an
answer to my question (I was really impressed) and then...after waiting 3
- gives the bolus as you press the button (as opposed to waiting a few
seconds before giving it - like the HTRON I think), which means there is no
possibility of cancelling after 'programming' a bolus,
- no 'history' of previous boluses given, rather it gives you the total for
the last hour and since midnight which can be confusing if you do not
remember when you last did the last bolus
- lack of functions found in most other pumps (no possibility to reduce the
basal rate by x% for a given time for sport, no square wave bolus)
- the interface seems to have been designed by people who think changing the
time on a digital watch is a rewarding experience, beep beep beep...
- the beep is horrendous (I saw 1 review of the Dahedi entitled 'How to
create a disturbance in a restaurant without a mobile phone') - you cannot
switch it off, remember this is for a pump that is advertized with quotes
like 'Small enough to be discrete' and 'I'm not ashamed of my diabetes I
just don't want to advertise it'..haha. This really does have its funny
sides - I gave myself a bolus on a train full of young executive types with
their laptop computers and suddenly the whole carriage was busy discussing
whose laptop was low on power...beep beep beep :o)

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