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Re: [IPk] Re: boluses

> Thanks for that Di. Error on my part - "I'm using Actrapid" should
> read "I'm using Humalog". Anyway, I've been trying half way throught
> he meal, but still get hypos shortly after. I'll try bolusing
> straight after and see if that does the trick. I think I've hit on
> the right insulin/carb ratio, and my basal seems right - so I guess
> it's just a matter of timing. I can understand that it's easier in
> some ways to bolus after  - when you know how much you've eaten.

It is possible to tailor the insulin response curve for YOU by using 
a mix of Humalog and either Velosulin or Regular. A number of people 
on the US list do this and John N. does it but I think for another 
reason. Mixes vary from 5:1, 4:1 -- usually for site life all the way 
down to 2:1 and 1:1 for a later or flatter peak.

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